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Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Temperature  2.1°Cfalling
Maximum5.9°C (01:20)14.9°C (14:27)15.2°C (15-02)15.2°C (15-02)33.0°C (26-07-2018)
Minimum2.0°C (04:54)5.6°C (23:05)-0.3°C (03-02)-5.3°C (31-01)-9.1°C (28-02-2018)
 windchill  2.1°C 
Minimum2.0°C (04:54)5.6°C (23:05)-4.0°C (03-02)-5.4°C (31-01)-75.4°C (10-08-2014)
 heatindex  2.1°C  
Maximum5.9°C (01:20)14.9°C (14:27)15.2°C (15-02)15.2°C (15-02)65.0°C (08-09-2014)
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
Rain / Melt 0.2 mm  0.0 mm  42.8 mm  63.0 mm  
Evapotranspiration0.0 mm  0.0 mm 0.0 mm 0.0 mm  
 Humidity  96%  
Maximum97% (01:08)96% (23:09)98% (06-02)98% (06-02)99% (18-12-2016)
Minimum95% (00:00)71% (14:29)49% (03-02)49% (03-02)6% (24-02-2015)
 Dew Point  1.5°C  
Maximum5.4°C (01:20)10.3°C (14:23)10.9°C (16-02)10.9°C (16-02)47.0°C (02-09-2014)
Minimum1.4°C (04:54)4.8°C (22:56)-4.0°C (03-02)-6.0°C (31-01)-53.3°C (10-08-2014)
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Pressure  1034.1 mb  Rising Slowly
Maximum1034.0 mb (05:09)1032.0 mb (23:53)1034.6 mb (12-02)1043.0 mb (03-01)1046.4 mb (27-12-2016)
Minimum1031.9 mb (00:03)1023.1 mb (04:25)984.0 mb (01-02)983.4 mb (27-01)971.0 mb (10-12-2017)
 Wind  0.0 mph   Calm  Calm
Gust1.2 mph (01:13)12.0 mph (10:26)35.0 mph (08-02)35.0 mph (08-02)48.3 mph (28-03-2016)

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