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Current status of the weather systems used in the operation of this website

Station system is up for 22 days 17 hours 26 minutes 36 seconds

This station uses Weather Display (10.37S-120) software for weather conditions reporting

This software runs on a Lenovo laptop computer

  Component Status Age
Latest update time as of 
26-01-2021 22:19 
 Realtime file uploadWD/clientraw.txt NOT Current 1199:50:10 0:01:30 
07-12-2020 22:29 
 Weather data files uploadWD/tagsWD.txt NOT Current 1200:20:23 0:05:30 
07-12-2020 21:58 
 Weather data time 07-12-2020 22:01 NOT Current 1200:18:12 0:05:30 
07-12-2020 22:01 
 Graphs uploadWD/dirplot.gif NOT Current 1200:20:28 1:00:30 
07-12-2020 21:58 

You find our weather info also at:

UK Metoffice


Weather Underground

Equipment we use:

Davis Vantage Vue

Weather Display

Lenovo laptop

Falcoda Internet

Davis Vantage Vue

Weather Display

Lenovo laptop

Falcoda Internet